We are proud to be a part of the PCA

Innovative Groups is honored to be a registered vendor for construction management services through the national buying consortium Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA).  PCA offers an alternative project procurement avenue to organizations such as educational institutions and government agencies when the project cost is in excess of their regulated spending threshold.  Traditionally they would have to take on the time-consuming endeavor of the bid/solicitation process themselves.  But since Innovative Groups completed PCA’s rigorous vetting process, we can develop and negotiate projects directly from the start with our public entity clients.  Let us take care of generating your RFP, soliciting it, receiving bids, managing the project, etc..  We can be your turnkey solution for your facility needs, no matter how big the project!

Benefits of PCA to Innovative Groups’ clients include:

  • The power of interlocal/intergovernmental contracting
  • Free membership
  • Legally procured and competitively bid contracts
  • Negotiated pricing
  • Opportunity to use preferred contractors and equipment vendors
  • EDGAR compliant contracts

Give us a call if you’d like to discuss PCA and how it can help make your facility goals a reality!